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  • Switching to a new bank in the UAE

    Switching to a new bank in the UAE

    For many people, their first bank account is the one they stick with. However, switching can have its benefits, if you go about it the ...

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  • IPOs attracting UAE investors

    A smooth IPO can reap significant returns for investors, if the right company goes public at the right time.

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  • Donating to Charity in the UAE

    Over the past 44 years, since the UAE was established, the country has offered AED 173 billion of humanitarian and development aid to 178 countries, ...

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  • The Rise of Priority Banking

    Through priority banking, customers receive personal service and perks that go well beyond a standard account.

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  • Things to remember when moving jobs

    If you’ve decided moving jobs makes sense career wise, there are plenty of important things to bear in mind as you make the transition.

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  • Remitting from the UAE

    For the millions of expats from around the world who have settled in the UAE, remittances are an important part of maintaining an economic link ...

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  • Investing in a start-up

    Investors can reap rewards by finding the next big thing, although there are risks along the way.

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  • real estate outlook for 2016

    The UAE’s real estate outlook for 2016

    It’s a buyer’s market as property values decline but rental yields continue to outperform many of the world’s biggest cities.

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  • Managing

    Relocating from the UAE

    If you are planning on moving out of the UAE, this handy checklist will make your exit well organised and smooth.

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  • The value of Exchange Traded Funds

    The value of Exchange Traded Funds

    ETFs, short for Exchange Traded Funds, are funds that provide a low-cost and easy to manage addition to any financial portfolio.

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